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Editorial review

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Margie Smeer Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 5.0
eM Client is a powerful and feature-rich e-mail client. It’s one of the most comprehensive tools of its kind, as it includes a lot of handy additional tools and supports a lot of useful features and functions.
On top of all this, it’s also completely free.

One of the most important facts about this e-mail client is that it offers support for all email servers and services (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail...) and it is compatible with all standard protocols (SMTP, IMAP, POP3). Since many other e-mail clients support only some protocols or some e-mail services, the fact that eM Client can work with any of them is really impressive. Furthermore, complete importing and synchronizing capabilities are also available. It can import messages, contacts and other data from a large variety of sources, may they be other e-mail clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.), web services (Facebook contacts, etc.), or files (vCard, EML, etc.).

This powerful tool allows signing, encrypting and categorizing the e-mails, among many other possible actions. It also includes powerful calendar functionality, letting you track events and appointments or schedule meetings. Moreover, it sports a flexible and effective contacts manager that lets you, among many others, synchronize, share and organize your lists of contacts and their related details.

If you weren’t yet convinced of how powerful and feature-rich this tool is, then you will surely be once you discover its instant messaging functions. It can even handle multiple IM accounts, with support for popular protocols and services such as Jabber or Facebook Chat.

Despite its large number of features and functions, eM Client manages to remain easy-to-use and straightforward, mostly thanks to its simple and self-explanatory interface.

To sum it all up, eM Client is simply great. It has no flaws and leaves me wondering why it isn’t more popular. I can only recommend it with all my heart and add it to my list of favorite applications.


  • Supports all standard protocols.
  • Comes with a contact manager.
  • Includes calendar functionality.
  • Instant messaging capabilities.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Free.


  • None.
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    Guest Last year

    I also question the 'fully featured' as it lacks both an auto bcc (to ensure that the email actually went out - sometimes not the case with this email client) and a way to delay the sending of an email to a fixed time.

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    Guest Last year

    I've been using this client (paid version) to manage 4 email accounts, on 3 separate computers, 2 laps and a workstation, at the same time for more than 3 years and I really like it but it does have a couple of shortcomings, one of which has been mentioned.
    I really do need an auto response feature for business emails. Without this I have to log into a webmail client linked to my domain server and set up auto responses from there which is a time wasting exercise.
    One aspect of the client I really like is the ability to move emails to a local folder which means I can read them when I don't have good internet access, which as I travel in some remote places, is quite often. Syncing of offline folders between two computers could be easier but I get by by taking a backup on one computer, copying it to the backup folder on the other computer and then restoring it to the client installed there. It takes a few minutes but rarely lets me down.
    All in all this is a very good client but having that autoresponse function would put the icing on the cake.

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    Guest Last year

    "Full featured?" Certainly compared to IBM PROFS or MCI Mail and a cut about the bare minimum these days. But it lacks so many capabilities necessary for a "full featured" email package that only the least demand novice will be satisfied with it. For example, there's no automatic reply capability - something I guess might take about an hour of coding if you had no experience.

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